About Roxford University

The Rox U Philosophy

Rox U offers individual instruction—guitar, bass, piano/keys, drums, and vocal—as well as a group program placing students together in rock bands.

Rox U believes the most exciting way to learn music is to involve performance. Playing in a public rock show inspires and motivates students, helping maintain and buoy their enthusiasm. It also develops their confidence leaps and bounds beyond solitary instruction. 

Individual lessons are key, but we also group kids together in band lineups for weekly rehearsals, in our rehearsal space with professional equipment, building toward performances in real live music venues. Our group program works with kids toward public performance, because, hey, that’s what many of them want to do. For those who aren’t looking for the opportunity to perform in public, we offer the option of individual instruction by itself.

Our dean and professors are veteran musicians with the chops to teach how to play your instrument of choice and the hard-earned wisdom of being in a band and performing. Most of the venues where Rox U students will perform are the same kinds of venues our faculty members perform in as professionals.

Our Programs

Individual Lessons: 

Beginners will learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument, and intermediate students will progress to learn deeper skills. An Individual Lessons package includes four weekly 45-minute lessons per month.  

Rocking-Out Group Program: 

This track includes one 45-minute private lesson (as in the Individual Lessons package) plus a one-hour group band rehearsal each week, which culminates in a live performance at semester’s end. 

What Parents Say


The Best Thing We Could Have Done

“Thank you all so much for doing this for the kids! Oxford is so lucky to have people like you to teach our children and give them an experience like [the Roxford concert] last night. Coming to Roxford was the best thing we could have done for Wesley! I could not believe how much he has progressed and how fabulous all of the bands sounded.” — Tiffany Webb, parent

Blown Away

"We are so grateful for Roxford. Bryant has made so much progress in such a short time, because you all believed in him. We were blown away that he had the confidence and skill to get on the stage and comfortably play what he did after one year with you all. We loved seeing the kids beam with confidence. We highly recommend Roxford for the musical benefits as well as for how the teachers at Roxford create a culture where all the kids are really accepted for who they are. That allows them to thrive and flourish." — Shelli Poole, parent

The Place to Make it Happen

"I cannot say enough good things about Roxford. If your child has any interest in music or if you'd like them to develop an interest, Roxford is the place to make it happen. Lucy has grown in so many ways in three semesters, and I know there is more to come." —Ashley Allen, parent

Frequently Asked Questions


When Are Lessons?

We schedule lesson slots and group sessions each semester on a first-come, first-served basis. Generally, our lessons and group rehearsals take place in slots from 3 p.m. to 8:30, Monday through Thursday. We will set up your time at the start of each semester or when you join during a semester, based on instructor availability and what works for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please contact us at (662) 801-0456 or tad@roxu.org for information on pricing. 

Will My Child Get to Perform in a Concert

Kids in the "Rocking Out" Group Program will perform in our concert at semester's end. Select students from our Individual Lessons program may also be able to perform, on a case-by-case basis.